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We'll assess your data strategy and provide expert recommendations on how to optimize your customer experiences with a sophisticated data ecosystem.

1. Which sources does your company gather data from to gain customer insights?

2. Can you access customer data easily across your product lines?

3. How many distinct customer data sources does your company currently combine?

4. How many customer (or prospect) records are stored in your company database?

5. What industry are you active in?

6. How do you combine all customer data into a Single Customer View (SCV)?


A centralized, holistic, and contextually relevant record of a customer’s data. Also known as a 'unified' or '360°' customer view.


7. How would you rank the benefits of SCV for the following activities?


Creating a consistent, fluid, and personalized customer journey across every channel and touchpoint.


8. How are customer journeys leveraged within your company?

9. We use analytics and decision-making to define the:


The recommended next product to promote to customers based on their propensity and intention to purchase.


10. Which profiles in your company are leveraging customer insights tools? (Choose multiple)

11. Which technologies are part of your MarTech stack? (Choose multiple)

12. Which department do you work in?

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